Meeting Industry Needs: Versatile Solutions for Bridges


In the world of infrastructure, bridges play a crucial role in connecting communities and facilitating smooth transportation. To ensure the safety, longevity, and functionality of these vital structures, it is essential to rely on specialized solutions tailored to the unique requirements of bridges. That’s where APE SISMICO Pvt. Ltd. comes into the picture.

At APE SISMICO, we understand the significance of bridge operations and have garnered extensive knowledge and unmatched industry experience. Our commitment lies in delivering services that are not only safe but also cost-effective. With a diverse range of offerings, we strive to provide versatile solutions that cater to the specific needs of the bridge industry.

Bridge Accessories:

Our team excels in designing and manufacturing various bridge components, including bridge bearings, expansion joints, drainage spouts, hand railings, and crash barriers. We recognize the importance of these accessories in ensuring the stability and functionality of bridges, and our products are engineered to meet the highest standards of quality and durability.

Maintenance & Rehabilitation:

Bridges, like any other infrastructure, require regular maintenance and occasional rehabilitation to address structural issues. APE SISMICO specializes in resolving complex problems related to bridges, concrete structures, and M.S. structures. Our experienced professionals employ innovative techniques to rehabilitate and strengthen bridges, ensuring their long-term reliability and safety.

Architectural Expansion Joints:

In the realm of architectural engineering, we offer expertise in designing, manufacturing, and installing various building expansion joints and architectural sliding bearings. These essential elements provide flexibility to accommodate movements and vibrations, thereby mitigating the risk of structural damage. Our solutions are tailored to meet the aesthetic and functional requirements of modern architectural projects.

Structural Fabrication:

With expertise in design, fabrication, and erection, APE SISMICO is capable of delivering high-quality structural solutions for bridges, foot-over bridges, steel girder bridges, and building steel structures. We also specialize in the fabrication of other vital structures such as gantries, signboards, unipoles, and more. Our skilled team ensures precision and adherence to industry standards in every project we undertake.

Testing & Inspection:

To guarantee the suitability of our products for specific applications, we have in-house testing facilities. These facilities enable us to conduct a variety of tests that assess the performance and durability of our offerings. Our commitment to quality drives us to continuously improve and enhance our products, ensuring they meet or exceed international standards.


APE SISMICO Pvt. Ltd. stands as a pioneer in manufacturing bridge accessories, building structural fabrication, and providing comprehensive solutions for bridges. Our dedication to quality, innovation, and service excellence sets us apart in the industry. With an extensive portfolio of completed projects, a broad clientele, and a commitment to meeting domestic and international market needs, we are well-positioned to be your trusted partner for all your bridge-related requirements.

Experience the expertise and reliability of APE SISMICO, where quality meets innovation, and customer satisfaction is our utmost priority.